About Jakob Davidsen

Jakob Davidsen born 1969.

Composer and pianist.

During the last 20 years he has been working in the borderland between improvisation and composition with bands like Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester, Figura Ensemble, Jakob Davidsens Mangfoldighed, Danish Radio Bigband, Zapolski Quartet, The Crossover Ensemble, and Takuan.

He has released 15 albums, received 3 Danish Music Awards (2001, 2007 & 2012), The Honorary Prize of The Danish Composers Association, DJBFA, (2004), and a Prize from The Danish Arts Foundation for the work on Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkesters release, ‘Se kunsten med nye ører’ (‘Lend art your ear’) (2013).

Jakob has worked with the interaction of art and music at some of the leading galleries of Denmark, and with the acclaimed art-duo, ʻElmgreen & Dragsetʼ, in connection with their exhibition, ʻPast Tomorrowʼ, at Galerie Perrotin in New York.
He has toured in France, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Brazil.

As a sideman he has worked with musicians like John Tchicai, Adam Rudolph, Hasse Poulsen, Stefan Pasborg, Francois Merville and Vincent Courtois.


Has received several  grants and honorary-prizes from The Danish Board of Art, Wilhelm Hansen Foundationen and DJBFA (Danish jazz, folk and rock composers organisation)

2001 Danish Music Award with “Takuan”

2004 Honorary prize of DJBFA

2007 Jazzcomposer of the year, Danish Music Awards

2012 Danish Music Award, “Best crossover-jazz release” with Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester

2013 The Danish Arts Foundation awards Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkesters release, ‘Se kunsten med nye ører’ (‘Lend art your ear’).

 Selected discography:

Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester:

Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester (Gateway, 2011)

Se kunsten med nye ører (Gateway, 2013)
og andre dyr (Ilk 2015)

Jakob Davidsen Mangfoldighed:

Mangfoldighed (Cope records, 2006)
Mangfoldighed II: At kaste sand op i luften (Cope records, 2008)

Mangfoldighed III: Music from the desert (Gateway 2010)


VéloVélo (Gateway 2008)

The Crossover Ensemble:

The Crossover Ensemble (Curling Legs (N), 1996),
The River: Image of time and life (Dacapo, 1998)
Helios Suite, featuring Zapolski Kvartetten (Dacapo, 2000)

Sange, featuring Trine-Lise Væring (2003)


Takuan (Music Mecca, 1997)
Push to Participate (Dacapo, 2000). T (2004/2005)

Hasse Poulsen Cinema Scandinave:

Lʼart abstrait nʼa pas dit son dernier mot (Quark (F), 2009)