New CD out!

The new CD from Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester is out now and is available on iTunes, in stores, on several websites and finally on this homepage. Just follow the link below this article.
The CD was recorded in May 2011 and contains brand new music as well as new interpretations of older stuff.
Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester has an extraordinary line-up with Peter Fuglsang on clarinet, Jakob Munck on horns, Lars Andreas Haug on tuba, John Ehde on cello and Jakob Davidsen on piano. No drums and no bass!
This setup gives the muscians opportunities to go into more open musical landscapes without any musical borders. It might be jazz, it might be contemporary classical music or it might be impro. But first of all it is the sound of Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester.
Kammerat in Danish means comrade or friend, and the first part of the word, kammer, means chamber. So Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester both means Chamber Orchestra and Orchestra of his friends in music.