Launch of “Silence Trio Series”

Friday the 16th of June the first edition of Jakob Davidsens “Silence Trio Series”, Silence Trio 1″, came out on Ilk-Music.

In 2017, 2018 and 2019 Jakob Davidsen will release three different trio CDs, all with serenity, rigor, genre freedom and silence as the common theme.
The first is “Silence Trio 1” with the Norwegian saxophonist Torben Snekkestad and French-Danish guitarist Hasse Poulsen.
In 2018 “Silence Trio 2” will follow, featuring Norwegian singer Sissel Vera Pettersen and Danish vocalist Randi Pontoppidan.
In 2019 The series will be closed by “Silence Trio 3” with Norwegian drummer
Thomas Strønen and Danish doublebassplayer Jesper Egelund.
These three publications can be perceived as both a collective work and the statement of an individual.

First Performance of “Verden er babel og elfen”

Saturday the 28th of January 2017 the first performance of Jakob Davidsens new piece “Verden er babel og elfen” will take place in Copenhagen at Figura Festspiele.

The text is written by the Danish poet Ursula Andkjær Olsen and the work will be performed by singer Tuva Semmingsen, Figura Ensemble and Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester.

Jakob working on new piece for Figura Ensemble and JDs Kammerat Orkester

After the great succes with “All at one point”, written for Figura Ensemble & Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester, Jakob has been comissioned to write a new piece for the same constallation.

This time the text will be by the Danish author, Ursula Andkjær Olsen, and its first performance will be at “Figura Festspiele”, which takes palce in January 2017.

More to follow…


“All at one point” for Figura and Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester

Wednesday the 25th of November Figura and Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester perform Jakob Davidsens “All at one point” written to the two ensembles in conjunction. Jakob Davidsen has used selected chapters from Italo Calvinos “Cosmicomics” as inspiration to this new five-part suite.

The concert will take place in KoncertKirken, Copenhagen, the 25th of November 8pm.

Three very nice reviews of ‘og andre dyr’

The Danish Jazzmagazine, ‘Jazzspecial’, ‘’ and ‘’ gives three very nice reviews of Jakob Davidsens latest release, ‘og andre dyr’ (Ilk).

‘Jazzspecial’ finds that “The music is masterly performed by the five musicians”, and concludes that ‘og andre dyr’ “is a fascinating and border-breaking release.”

You can read the ‘’ (norwegian) and ‘’ (german) reviews here:


Nordische Musik


Fantastic review from ‘’

Niels Overgaard from likes the new release from Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester a lot:

“Jakob Davidsen holds a unique position in Danish music, where he develops both jazz and classical music at the same time.” “It is an important Danish release -regardless of genres.”

You can read the whole review in Danish here

New release from Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester

The third release of Jakob Davidsens Kammerat Orkester is at the same time the first on the highly rated Danish label, Ilk.

The release comes as the third issue in Ilks ‘White Label Series’, and is, apart from downloads, only available in 100 numbered LPs with handwritten linernotes and titles by the artist.

You can read more about the release, Jakob Davidsen thoughts on it, and listen and watch here